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Linking Emotional behavior to Monetary Behavior

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Empowering Financial Metamorphosis Through Insightful Stories and Understanding.  Join us to boost your financial knowledge — and prosperity!


Welcome to our multifaceted financial journey, where we leverage a wealth of personal and professional financial wisdom for your benefit. We address your burning questions in a way that’s both engaging and relatable, sharing authentic, untold stories of financial trials and triumphs to inspire your financial transformation.

Our flagship show, ‘You, Me, and Our Money’, features our host interviewing guests about their personal finances, uncovering hidden human stories and exploring potential connections between emotional behavior and money habits.

We explore the emotional and practical aspects of personal finance, offer guidance in ‘Tax Time Tips’, and build strategies for a secure future in ‘Retirement Readiness’.  

Our ‘Financial Reflection’ simplifies intricate financial concepts, including Reaction Videos where our host responds to social media posts.

‘Money Media Mix’ uses multimedia to illuminate the ‘Financial Matrix’, providing accessible financial education and revealing the truths about money, consumption, and debt by reinterpreting scenes from various media.

In ‘The Financial Consequences of Tech Advancements’, we navigate the crossroads of technological innovation and finance. ‘Journey of an Apprentice’ brings you along for the ride as we follow an apprentice’s career progression, complete with struggles and successes.

‘Money Magic With Will’ offers a fresh perspective, featuring a young boy discussing finance and mindset.

Our mission goes beyond crunching numbers; we aim to foster understanding, empathy, and growth at every stage. Join us as we carve out a path to financial wellness.

FREE consulting*, a $975 value
with a Tax Specialist who has over 20 years of tax and financial experience


Your go-to guide for personal finance where not only do we explore crucial financial concepts, but we also react to social media posts on financial topics. We’ll dive into key areas such as budgeting, emergency funds, debt management, and the much-ignored but essential topic of credit scores. As we react to real-world social media posts and videos, we’ll witness firsthand the common misconceptions and pitfalls people encounter. Together, we’ll navigate these topics, debunk myths, and reveal practical strategies, empowering ourselves to take control of our personal finances and understand the profound impact these elements have on our financial health.

A candid exploration into the intricate web of personal finance and its interplay with our emotions, mindsets, relationships, and upbringing. In each episode, we sit down with a guest, delving deep into their financial challenges and how these are intertwined with their life experiences. From childhood influences to emotional trauma, from mindset molding to relationship dynamics, we endeavor to understand how these factors culminate in money problems, or conversely, how financial issues can ripple into other aspects of our lives. Join us as we unearth these connections, fostering a comprehensive understanding of our financial selves and paving the way to financial well-being.

Embark with us on an enlightening adventure in the ‘Journey of an Apprentice’. As we collectively follow an apprentice’s path into the dynamic world of finance and business, we’ll gain insights from their experiences and learn key business concepts along the way. We’ll also delve into the crucial role mindset plays in making financial decisions. This journey, seen through the eyes of an apprentice, promises to offer us a fresh and comprehensive perspective on the world of finance and business.

Welcome to ‘Retirement Readiness’, where we simplify retirement planning. We’ll explore strategies, the importance of early planning, and the intricacies of retirement accounts, including maximizing employer-matching programs. We’ll address key questions such as when to start Social Security benefits, how much you need for a comfortable retirement, and how much you can earn post-retirement without impacting your benefits. Join us as we chart the path to a secure retirement, providing you with practical knowledge and tools.

In our ‘Finance FAQ’ segment, we’ll select intriguing financial questions from a range of internet forums and delve into expert advice on these topics. This segment provides us with a unique opportunity to collectively address widespread financial concerns and debunk prevalent misconceptions, making the complex world of finance more accessible and understandable.

Welcome to “Money Media Mix”, an offshoot of “You, Me, and Our Money”. We use multimedia to demystify the ‘Financial Matrix’ and provide accessible financial education. By reframing scenes from various media, we expose the realities of money, consumption and debt.

Our goal is to unmask the illusions of prosperity, revealing the true cost of financial decisions. Join us as we delve into the world of finance, one clip at a time. Welcome to the real world of money.

Join us on ‘The Financial Consequences of Tech Advancements’, as we collectively navigate the swift currents of tech innovation and their financial implications. We’ll explore transformative technologies, from AI and quantum computing to 5G and blockchain, fostering awareness to anticipate changes impacting our finances. Amid a rapidly evolving digital landscape, understanding these advancements becomes a necessity. Let’s journey through the FinTech future together, preparing financially for the tech evolution unfolding before us.

Dive into tax season with ‘Tax Time Tips’, your guide to mastering tax preparation. We’ll decode tax regulations, highlight common errors to avoid, and shed light on deductions and credits. We’ll also uncover strategies to optimize your returns and prepare you for future tax years. Our goal is not only to simplify your current tax season but also to equip you with knowledge for future tax planning. With ‘Tax Time Tips’, you’ll approach tax season with increased confidence and understanding.


Meet Will, your average 6-year-old boy. He loves learning about money and taxes! Join Will as he sits with his dad, a tax accountant, breaking down financial topics in a fun way for all ages. From budgeting to understanding taxes, Will makes finance easy to grasp. With his innocent charm, Will asks the questions many adults don’t, making the show enlightening. Tune in to see Will’s delightful financial lessons through charts, interviews, and magic tricks! Money Magic with Will proves kids can comprehend complex finance when presented the right way. And Will’s wisdom is sure to enlighten adults, making Money Magic an informative family show.

FREE consulting*, a $975 value
with a Tax Specialist who has over 20 years of tax and financial experience




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