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Empowering Financial Metamorphosis Through Insightful Stories and Understanding.  Join us every week to boost your financial knowledge — and prosperity!

A candid exploration into the intricate web of personal finance and its interplay with our emotions, mindsets, relationships, and upbringing. In each episode, we sit down with a guest, delving deep into their financial challenges and how these are intertwined with their life experiences. From childhood influences to emotional trauma, from mindset molding to relationship dynamics, we endeavor to understand how these factors culminate in money problems, or conversely, how financial issues can ripple into other aspects of our lives. Join us as we unearth these connections, fostering a comprehensive understanding of our financial selves and paving the way to financial well-being.

FREE consulting*, a $975 value
with a Tax Specialist who has over 20 years of tax and financial experience




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What You Will Learn:

In this must-watch video, we follow a busy couple in their 40s who, amid juggling work, home life, and parenting, erroneously filed their taxes. With various 1099 forms from investment accounts and little understanding of how to manage them, they received a daunting IRS letter proposing they owe over $38k. See how their journey from stress to relief unfolds as they seek professional help from Gardena Financial Tax, a firm affiliated with YMOM.

  • Discover common mistakes in handling complex tax situations, especially with investment accounts.
  • Learn about the implications of incorrectly filing taxes, including hefty penalties.
  • Understand the value of seeking professional help when dealing with complicated tax matters.
  • Witness how professional tax services can turn a stressful situation around, even resulting in substantial refunds.
  • Realize the importance of reviewing past tax filings to uncover potential errors and missed opportunities.
  • Gain insights into navigating tax complexities and ensuring you’re making the most of your financial situation.

*Consulting is during video recording only(limited to about 2 to 3 hours) provided by Brand Your Company LLC.  This is not intended to completely resolve your situation.  You may need additional help with separate engagement elsewhere or with one of our affiliated companies. 

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