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Empowering Your Financial Metamorphosis

Our mission

At YMOM, our mission is to guide viewers through their own financial metamorphosis by sharing insightful, real-life stories of hardships and victories. We strive to dissect the complex fabric of financial behaviors, tracing their origins in personal histories and relationships. We firmly believe that by healing the emotional ties to money and untangling the stress of financial worries, we can steer individuals and partnerships towards a healthier, more balanced, and prosperous financial future.

In our journey towards financial freedom and harmony, we foster understanding, empathy, and growth, standing together every step of the way. We recognize that traditional ways of life can often misguide us towards financial ruin, especially in today’s capitalist society that invisibly prompts us to yearn for more, and more, and more.

However, we believe the path to greater financial freedom and a happier life doesn’t lie in wanting more but in embracing less. Our mission is to help you navigate this paradigm shift, to understand and redefine what prosperity means in a world that constantly urges us to want more. Together, we can redefine wealth, and in doing so, transform our lives.

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Heal Relationships

Use your financial journey as a catalyst to mend relationships within your family.

Elevate Empathy

Learn to navigate your joint financial journey with understanding and mutual growth

Socratic Self-Discovery

Question, explore, and understand your way to financial freedom.

Inspire Change

Draw motivation from our guests' trials and triumphs to spark your own financial metamorphosis

Discover Balance

Achieve Money Harmony by finding the equilibrium between love and finances.

Embrace Emotional Wealth

Understand your emotional ties to money and cultivate a healthier financial life.

Unearth Roots

Delve into your past to reshape your financial future, mending money matters from the ground up.

Inspire Prosperity

Draw motivation from the journey of others, encouraging a sense of shared human experience and unity.

Cultivate Togetherness

Foster a community of support, encouraging each other on the path to financial wellness.

Unravel Financial Stress

Untangle the knots of money anxiety to build a stronger, financially secure future.

Meta Cognition Mastery

Understand your thought processes and how they influence your financial decisions.

Financial Therapy

Heal your heart and your wallet, fostering a healthier emotional and financial future.

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