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Kiak’s journey from the “Killing Fields” of Cambodia to the classrooms of America is a story of resilience and transformation. As the founder of Gardena Financial and YMOM, he emerged from extreme adversity, poverty, and hardship with support from the Fulfillment Fund, several kind-hearted mentors, and the acquisition of financial literacy.

His academic path, initiated in the humanities during high school and expanded at Haverford College to encompass liberal arts, pre-med, and almost a minor in mathematics, fueled his passion for understanding the intricate dynamics of financial behaviors.

Combining his classroom teaching experience with a comprehensive personal and professional financial knowledge, Kiak transitioned to a financial educator. Inspired by his own journey, he created a show reflecting his belief that with the right guidance, financial knowledge, and determination, most American can triumph over adversity to achieve financial prosperity.

His show goes beyond mere figures and fiscal advice, offering viewers an insightful view of his guests’ trials and tribulations. It uncovers unspoken but real stories, inspiring viewers to undergo their own metamorphosis and live happier lives. By exploring the emotional and historical roots of financial behaviors, Kiak aims to empower people to shape their own financial future. Guiding others on a journey of financial self-discovery remains at the core of his mission, a mission deeply rooted in his own transformative journey.

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What is Kiak's credentials and experience ?

What is Kiak's discussion style and demeanor ?

  • Direct Approach – Kiak is straightforward in questioning financial decisions and pointing out issues.

  • Analytical Style – Kiak crunches numbers, calculating debts, interest, etc.

  • Advisor-like Tone – Kiak guides guests through assessments and recommendations.

  • Candid Discussions – Kiak talks openly about financial concerns and urgency.

  • Patient Demeanor – Kiak maintains a calm demeanor while explaining concepts.

  • Educational Aspect – Kiak explains financial calculations in a teaching manner.

  • Concern for Welfare – Kiak expresses sincere concern for guests’ financial health.

Amazing People

The creation of these insightful video contents would simply not be possible without the generous contributions and tireless efforts of numerous individuals. Many of these dedicated people are volunteers who give freely of their time and skills. To them and to many more who support us, we extend our deepest gratitude.
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