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Experience an intense exploration of the ‘Financial Matrix’ as we reinterpret the iconic scene from the Matrix movie. Discover the truth behind money, debt, and consumption, and understand the illusion that blinds us from the financial realities.

Welcome to “Money Media Mix”, an offshoot of “You, Me, and Our Money”. We use multimedia to demystify the ‘Financial Matrix’ and provide accessible financial education. By reframing scenes from various media, we expose the realities of money, consumption and debt.  Our goal is to unmask the illusions of prosperity, revealing the true cost of financial decisions. Join us as we delve into the world of finance, one clip at a time. Welcome to the real world of money.

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Unveiling the Financial Matrix: A Study of Money, Consumption, and Debt

What You Will Learn:

In this episode, Will sits down with his new friend Mr. Garcia, a retired senior who needs help understanding his estimated tax payments.

  • The concept of the ‘Financial Matrix’ and how it governs our financial lives.
  • The manipulation of our desires by corporations through data and marketing.
  • The illusion of wealth and the false sense of prosperity created by consumption.
  • The true cost of debt and the long-term consequences of financial decisions.
  • How inflation and financial bubbles are created.
  • The choice between remaining oblivious or understanding the true nature of finance.
  • The importance of making informed financial decisions for future generations.

*Consulting is during video recording only(limited to about 2 to 3 hours) provided by Brand Your Company LLC.  This is not intended to completely resolve your situation.  You may need additional help with separate engagement elsewhere or with one of our affiliated companies. 

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