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Could Your Emotional Trauma or Childhood Issues affect how you view & handle money?

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Explore the intersection of emotional and financial health. Benefit from Kiak’s direct yet compassionate finance approach honed over 20 years. Through thoughtful discussion, Kiak meticulously analyzes your finances step-by-step and educates on key calculations. His empowering style shines as he listens, summarizes learnings, and offers candid assessments. His emotionally intelligent techniques guide you to reflect on your financial situation interlaced with your life’s narrative. His concern for your welfare comes through amidst harsh truths. Leave more financially knowledgeable, aware and motivated.

Share your story and discover roadblocks on the path to financial freedom. Our compassionate host Kiak meticulously analyzes finances, asking thoughtful questions to unlock insights within your unique narrative. His realistic, candid approach delivered with care can illuminate unseen obstacles. Feel empowered as Kiak summarizes patterns and provides doable steps forward. Your openness will in turn kindle motivation in others facing similar money challenges. 

Reflect on your relationship with finances guided by Kiak’s emotionally attuned yet financially savvy techniques. With patience and wisdom, Kiak helps guests gain self-awareness and actionable fiscal skills. Your story could spark vital change.

For a limited time, we’re offering an exclusive offer for our first 15 guests: a FREE consultation with a Tax Specialist who brings over 20 years of tax and financial experience, a value of $975. This is your chance to transform perspectives on money, heal relationships, empower yourself, and potentially others.

We encourage you to watch the adjacent video to learn more. Your story could be a catalyst for change, perhaps even your own.

FREE consulting*, a $975 value
with a Tax Specialist who has over 20 years of tax and financial experience


Heal Relationship

Use your financial journey as a catalyst to mend relationships within your family.

Elevate Empathy

Learn to navigate your joint financial journey with understanding and mutual growth

Socratic Self-Discovery

Question, explore, and understand your way to financial freedom.

Inspire Change

Draw motivation from our guests' trials and triumphs to spark your own financial metamorphosis

Discover Balance

Achieve Money Harmony by finding the equilibrium between love and finances.

Embrace Emotional Wealth

Understand your emotional ties to money and cultivate a healthier financial life.

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Happier life made!

Owed the IRS over $38k

Help yourself, share your story to help others

Who can benefit?

  • Late tax filing
  • IRS letters
  • Any person who make good money but somehow just cannot seem to SAVE
  • IRS audits
  • Small business with financial mismanagement
  • Back taxes
  • CA tax issues
  • Small business owner who has tax issues
  • Stressed out because your spouse needs help getting his/her financial affairs in order
Happier life made!

Lost her husband, feel validated in expressing her grief

Help yourself, share your story to help others

Why is it FREE?

While providing some help to you for FREE, we also want to educate others who may be in similar situations as you by producing video content for our pending YouTube channel.  A portion of money raised from this project is anticipated to be used to help those in need.  Therefore, the only thing we ask in return is your consent to record this session and share with others.  This is not just an opportunity to get FREE consulting* to help yourself, but also a chance to help others by sharing your experiences and insights. 

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Happier life made!

Former drug addict fixing $100k IRS debt and amend relationship with his mother

Help yourself, share your story to help others

What is your credentials and experience?


  • Enrolled Agent: Over 20 years as a tax preparer who is a federally-authorized tax practitioner empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury
  • Economics degree from Haverford College
  • Completed financial planning curriculum with College for Financial Planning 
  • Real estate broker under CA Dept. of Real Estate
  • Mortgage broker under CA Dept. of Real Estate & NMLS
  • Insurance broker under CA Dept. of Insurance
  • Hold securities licenses (Series 7, 66, 24) 
  • Manage an independent RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) firm
  • Worked for JP Morgan Chase, AIG, CPA firms, and a few others 
  • Taught mathematics and economics at Archer School for Girls & LAUSD
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Happier life made!

Former drug addict fixing $100k IRS debt and amend relationship with his mother

Help yourself, share your story to help others

What can you expect from Kiak?

  • Empowerment – He increases your financial awareness and patiently explains concepts so you gain control.

  • Meticulous Analysis – He meticulously analyzes many aspect of your finances.

  • Methodical Approach – He follows a very methodical and step-by-step approach to assessing your finances.

  • Attentive Listening – He listens closely and offers encouragement when you show understanding.

  • Warm Rapport – He maintains a caring rapport despite serious money discussions.

  • Realistic Outlook – He is candid yet realistic, not exaggerating issues.

  • Focused Guidance – He remains focused on guiding you towards potential solutions.

  • Light on Overlooked Areas – His detailed approach shines light on overlooked financial factors.

  • Path to Freedom – He equips guests with tools and mindset to achieve financial freedom.

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Happier life made!

Finishing her college degree while homeless

Help yourself, share your story to help others

Where and how long is the video recording?

At our office in Gardena, CA for about 3 to 4 hours.  If you are interested, know someone who can benefit, or if you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact us.  This offer is limited to the first 15 guests.  Call us today at 424-999-8829.

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Happier life made!

Handyman finding grace

Help yourself, share your story to help others

Community of people sharing and learning from each other

An upcoming guest said “Reading just the initial first two opening sentences sent my mind into a whirlwind of emotions- it hit home. My story went from beautiful to now ugly and questionable on making it through. I have always wanted and hoped for some way to turn my detrimental mistakes I have made in my life into something ‘pretty’ for somebody else. I am generally private,but I am much more passionate than I am private and will scream across mountain tops the ugliest parts of my life that I would never tell before if it meant saving someone else’s life, someone else’s relationships with everybody they come across, and if it meant them saving themselves, their pride, their dignity, their happiness, their life- their entire life- I wouldn’t hesitate to do so.”

Enjoy learning from others

Real people sharing real stories

Learning about people's financial trauma, their relationships and money matter, debt free prison, and handling life's transition.
Ordinary People

With real struggles

Real Stories

With valuable lessons

Uncover your Truth

With break-through talk

Emotional Burden

Waiting to be unleash

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Watch our video with heartfelt stories

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*Consulting is during video recording only (limited to about 2 to 3 hours) provided by Brand Your Company LLC.  This is not intended to completely resolve your situation.  You may need additional help with separate engagement elsewhere or with one of our affiliated companies. 

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